Featured Swaddles

Featured buttermilk babies baby swaddles.

Signature Series

Our Signature Series is one of our favorites! It includes our core designs: Zoonicorns, Gemstones, Knuckle Sandwich and Graffiti. This collection embodies everything we’re about. It’s stylish, witty and unabashedly fun! Available in Clean (black and white), Warm (pink and lavender), Cool (blue and green) and Primary (red, yellow, green and blue).

Swaddle Sets

4-pack and 2-pack sets

Tough Cookie Collection

Welcoming a little bruiser or a pint-sized sassafras? Then the Tough Cookie Collection is the one for you! Hoboglyphs, Knuckle Sandwich, Flies and Little Stinker patterns make up this feisty set!


Available in Clean (black and white), Warm (pink and coral), and Cool (blue and mint)